Documents and Resources

These documents are resources compiled by the OCSAB and available to the public for use as baseline documents. Always seek the advice of counsel to ensure the agreement is accurate for all parties.

The model forms may not contain all provisions required by parties engaged in offshore operations. In addition, the model forms contain numerous provisions that must be completed by inserting appropriate time periods, dollar amounts, numbers of parties, etc., and each party must determine appropriate inserts for its particular situation or application. Users of these model forms or portions or variations thereof should seek the advice of counsel to ensure that the agreement reflects the actual intent of the parties and is proper under the applicable business circumstances. Use of the form or a portion or variation thereof shall be at the sole discretion, risk, and liability of the user parties. the outer continental shelf advisory board disclaims any and all interests or liability whatsoever for loss or damages that may result from use of the forms or portions or variations thereof.

Documents from the June 4, 2015 OCSAB Summer Seminar

Kemper Howe Subcommittee Chair for this event Jim Bryan - Facilities contact Tom Young / Charlie Hughes - Web site Registration

  • Renee Orr - Offshore Financial Assurance Download
  • Richie Baud - Beyond the Primary Term Download
  • Preferential Rights to Purchase Download
  • Baud-Richie Bio_may12_2015.pdf Download
  • Biography - Don Armijo MWCC CEO Download
  • Biography - Renee Orr BOEM 6-1-1 Download
  • Biography - Robert James Sergesk Download
  • Marine Well Containment Company Download

Production Handling Agreements

  • OCS Summer Seminar Agenda.docx Download
  • 2006 AAPL Production Handling Agreement (deepwater) Download
  • 2014 Production Handling Agreement (shelf) Download

Other Agreement Documents

Miscellaneous Documents

These documents are provided by the Outer Continental Shelf Advisory Board for public download.

  • BOEM and BSEE Responsibilities Download
  • BOEM Fact Sheet Download
  • BSEE Fact Sheet Download
  • MF-7 2012 Deepwater Accounting Procedure Download
  • OCS Land Presentation Download
  • 2014 OCSAB Comments to 5 Year OCS Leasing Program 2017-2022.pdf Download

Joint Operating Agreements

Quick Downloads

These are quick access downloads on most pages of the public site.

  • 2015 Deepwater Model Form Operat Download
  • Production Handling Agreement (shelf) Download
  • Confidentiality Agreement Download
  • Joint Operating Agreement (deepwater) Download
  • Production Handling Agreement (deepwater) Download
  • Joint Operating Agreement (shelf) Download